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Mitsubishi Electric OEM products

Mitsubishi Electrical Indicating Meters

Mitsubishi electrical indicating meters, which have won favor with their eye-friendly, stable indication performance, now have a wider range of applications through combinations with various converters.

Mitsubishi Electrical Indicating Meters (Electronic)

The Mitsubishi Electronic Multi Indicating Meters, Electronic Indicating Meters, Electronic Demand Meters and Demand Relays, which feature the reliability of digital devices coupled with the visibility of analog devices, provide greater ease of use and higher accuracy and higher-end measurement and control.

Mitsubishi Power Control Instruments

Power control instruments convert usage of power into more manageable forms for indication and recording and even for activating alarms, which are indispensable to the rationalization of monitoring in electric rooms at factories and buildings. Mitsubishi power control instruments are used for demand control, power factor control, electric leak monitoring, etc.