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Current Sensor

Product Lineup

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for Industrial Devices

In the use of FA equipment, current sensors play an extremely important role in power factor control and torque control in operating adjustable-speed motors for general-purpose inverters and NC machine tools, and overcurrent destruction protection of inverter switching elements.
For power conversion use, Hall Effect Current Sensor, which offer excellent high speed response, play an important role in phase control and overload current detection for commercial frequency wave conversions of engine power generators, UPS, solar power generation and fuel cells.


  • Product lineup supports currents from 1 to 4,000 A.
  • Compact products enable large-current measurements with low power loss.
  • Circuit board equipped type and screw clamp-type are available.
  • Customers can choose according to their installation structures.
  • Low-back type and ultra-thin type available, which are not restricted by installation space.
  • Large variety of products range from low-cost to ultra-high-precision types.


  • General-purpose inverters, servo drivers,
    NC machine tools, robots
  • Elevators, electric generators, power supply equipments,
    UPSs, home electric appliances
  • Engine power generators, solar power generating system,
    cogeneration systems, wind power generation system,
    fuel cell systems,medical equipment, etc.
  • MRI scanners, battery testing equipment
    and other applications

for Automobile

For automobiles, sensors are used for controlling motor drive, direct current conversion control of motor regenerative current and detecting charged and discharged current of batteries of electric automobiles and hybrid cars, which play a very important role as core parts of control.
Since current sensors for automotive applications need to guarantee high reliability, we use high-reliability parts, and rigorously manage traceability and in-process inspections.
Our lineup of vehicle-mounted products includes our standard ready-to-use products, and we can create customized products with user-specified shapes and specifications. Inquire for more information.


  • Quality and reliability suitable for automobiles are secured.
  • Can support power/output line harnesses and direct couplers.
  • Offers superior frequency response and optimum protection from overcurrent
    destruction of inverter switching elements.
  • Can support battery management prioritizing offset stability.


  • Inverter control for electrically powered vehicles (such as hybrid vehicles,
    electric vehicles and fuel-cell vehicles)
  • Battery management for electrically powered vehicles (such as hybrid vehicles,
    electric vehicles and fuel-cell vehicles)
  • Charge current monitoring of vehicle-mounted chargers
  • Electric power steering, vehicle control during idling stops

Current sensor user's guide

Before using a Kohshin current sensor, read the handling precautions, main characteristics and product labeling information by clicking each of the links below. Do not exceed the specified ranges.

  • Instruction for use
  • Characteristic
  • Product marking