Battery Charging Units

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Battery Charging Units

Switching regulator type (continuous output) Charger for built-in batteries


  • Battery chargers for golf carts
  • Battery chargers for electrically-powered wheel chairs
  • Battery chargers for other purposes


Model CHA-12 CHA-24
Input Voltage Range AC85 to 264V AC85 to 264V
Power Consumption 300VA or less 600VA or less
DC Output Reference Floating Charge DC13.1V DC26.2V
Voltage Equalizing Charge DC13.8V DC27.6V
Voltage Adjustment Range DC13V to 16V DC26V to 30V
Voltage ±2% ±2%
Rated Current DC3.5A DC3.5A
Rated Droop Current DC4.0A DC4.0A
Efficiency 60% or higher
Storage Battery Quantity 6 cells 12 cells
Rated Voltage DC12V DC24V
Nominal Capacity 30 to 70 AH or less 30 to 70 AH or less