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  • 2018.10.5

    <New Product News>

    Release of new current sensors.
    Introducing our new current sensor “HP-PDL series” for industrial devices.
    For more details on any of our products, please contact our distributor or contact us directly.

  • 2018.8.27

    <Product News>

    ・We put the catalogue of HC-PDL series, current sensor for industrial devices.
    ・We added 900A spec to the catalogue of HC-ASA / HC-ASB series.

  • 2018.7.19

    <New Product News>

    Release of new current sensors.
    Contact our nearest distributor or us for details.

  • 2016.9.30

    <New Product News>

    We released new current sensors HM-D series and HM-Z series.

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Rated current A (1-4000A)