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Quality Assurance (Quality and Reliability)

TRUE QUALITY to satisfy the needs of the times

Kohshin operates an ISO 9001-certified Quality System to provide a level of quality assurance designed to ensure user satisfaction. We ensure high product quality and reliability through product environmental tests and many other test procedures starting from the product development phase, along with improvement activities at work sites.

Improving Production Quality

Kohshin manufactures products with cutting-edge functions that are the result of our outstanding technical staff and an array of the latest high-tech equipment. Our fully automated production facilities feature industrial robots and line automation designed to support high-mix/small-lot production. Rigorous static electricity and dust prevention measures also boost yields and improve efficiency. The high quality we produce is the result of a series of reliable production processes created from our accumulated lineup of advanced technologies.

  • Heat test and shipment examination line

  • Mounting part solder automatic operation inspection device

  • Air shower

    Removes dust from workers and parts.

  • Ionization system

    Discharges positive and negative ions into the air that attract and electrically neutralize charged ions.

  • FFU (fan filter unit)

    Circulates the internal air to remove suspended dust particles from it.

  • Antistatic floor coating

    All the flooring in plant production areas has a three-layer antistatic coating.

R&D, Measurement and Test Equipment

  • X-ray fluorescence spectrometer

  • Microscope

  • Three-dimensional measuring instrument

  • Temperature cycle examination device

Environmental Initiatives

Contributing to people and the earth through technology and action

Based on the international philosophy of "sustainable development", we are making full use of our environment by promoting business activities in harmony with the global environment and local communities.

Improving Our Energy Consumption Efficiency

 In addition to monitoring and controlling our plant energy consumption, Kohshin also conducts more fine-tuned energy-saving measures for lower-level processes and activities. We manage process energy consumption and process output (production output unit requirements) to discover and rectify any energy losses. We use on-demand management to control air-conditioning equipment (for power-saving and start/stop control), and time management for light on/off control (to switch off unneeded lights). We also organize employee awareness-raising activities.

International Environment Standard ISO-14001 Certified Organization

Energy monitoring system