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Challenges in the future with advanced technologies

Satoshi Shibata, President

Kohshin Electric Corporation will continue to provide "technologies and products" that meet our customers' expectations as a leader in the current sensing technology and indicating measurement fields by making full use of our latest advanced technologies, applying new electronics technologies to magnetic and mechanical technologies.

With safety, environmental conservation, ethical standards and compliance with laws, which are corporate fundamentals always kept in mind, we are determined to make every effort to contribute to society as a company that can satisfy our customers, as all employees continuously uphold the fundamentals of manufacturing, striving for "gem-like excellence" no matter how small the company.

In today's world with increasing globalization, we will redouble our efforts to be a world-leading company, responding with appropriate "change and speed" with reliable technologies and products.

We look for your continued warm support and cooperation.

Satoshi Shibata, President

Managerial Vision

"We will realize both our own growth and business development through the "independent" and "autonomous" activities of each and every employee and contribute to realizing a society with vitality and affluence." Strive for Excellence 1.Always put the user first. 2.Provide products of the highest quality. 3.Create technological innovations and new products. 4.Help employees reach their full potential; bring out the best of their abilities. 5.Seek appropriate profitability; create a strong management foundation. 6.Act from an international perspective and mindset.

Quality Policy

1. Manufacture products that will give users complete satisfaction. 2. Ensure each employee creates product quality. 3. Focus on work sites, products and results, along with rules and principles.